Eye Candy: The Art Of Blogging

Aircrafts. For posts about dreams, ambitions and great ideas.

When I was a student, I kept a blog. Several Blogs. Edwardkobus.eu is one of them. And so is Ekaya.nl. Both still going strong, unlike some of my other blogs

Edwardkobus.eu looked quite different back then. The blog was all about entrepreneurship. And so were the illustrations I made for the blog. There was quite some effort involved by creating these images. And since I still like them, I decided to show them to the world once more. For old times sake. Enjoy!

Here’s why images are useful on a blog
People don’t like to read much from a computer screen. This is why you should write a less as possible when you blog. Also, you should seduce your visitors to read your content.

Using illustrations can be a very effective way to make your website more attractive. After all, an image says more than a thousand words!

A machine. For posts about actual work.

A practical joke. For posts about mistakes.

A cigar. To celebrate success.

An old office building (Amsterdam School). For posts about my company.

Books. For wisdom.

Media. For posts about media…

And once again: the plane. It is a very old type of Fokker. Yes, the flying Dutchman. “Once legend, now reality!”

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Geplaatst op: mei 22, 2013
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