Get real. Picture it!

Blog and portfolio of Edward Kobus.
Mulimedia designer and illustrator.


I am a Multimedia Designer.I translate a concept into visible output.

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Design & Illustrations

I like to create unique illustrations and designs.

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Reviews & Blogs

I write about things that inspire or intrigue me.

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This is me!

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I'm a multimedia designer. I like to create things from scratch!

Get real...

Let's set your main goal and then...

...Picture it.

Things are not real, if you can't visualize them. That's where I come in.

My skills

I bring these skills to the table:

  • Illustration
  • Web design
  • Wordpress theme development
  • Front-end development
  • Animation (2d)
  • Game design
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Blogging

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